Wooden Dummy
Wooden Dummy-

Wooden Dummy (Mok Yan Jong)


Refine Your Art – The mok yan jong is a very useful tool, designed to help refine your skills and develop proper structure, control of power, distance, and positioning of your Wing Chun techniques.

Traditional Wing Chun Dimensions and Design – 56″ tall, 8.5″ diameter,  Avg. weight 90 lb.  The upper arms can be made so that the left is higher than the right, or level (same height). Read more details about how I make the dummies in the “Product Description” below.  The wooden dummy must be mounted to a stand to be used.  It can be mounted to most traditional floor or wall stands.  * Please note – I no longer make dummy stands. Since there are a few stand manufacturers on the market, and making the dummies is my specialty, I am able to make more dummies per year if I don’t make the stands.

Wooden Dummy Waiting List – Customers are placed on a waiting list for wooden dummies on a first come first served basis. At this time I am able to make about 6 to 7 wooden dummies per year.  There are usually anywhere from 3 to as many as 15 people on the waiting list.  To inquire about placing a wooden dummy order (standard or custom), check the current turnaround time status, or to ensure a place on the waiting list, please contact Raven Studios at – carinac@little-raven.com

Price = $1,375.00 Plus Shipping.  The shipping price will be calculated when you place your order and supply your shipping address. The price for shipping will depend on your location in the USA but averages about $200.00.

* Wooden dummies can be ordered and shipped within the Continental USA only.

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Product Description

Raven Studios wooden dummy construction process – These hardwood dummies are made from Hard Maple.  Twelve boards are used for the bodies, and the surfaces are planed to a glass like smoothness before being laminated (glued together).

The boards are glued and tightly clamped together. Once turned round, the seams are barely visible. The process of laminating makes the Mok Yan Jong extremely durable and more resistant from cracking, which often occurs in modern dummies constructed from a single piece of wood. Laminating, when done correctly, creates a bond that is stronger than the wood itself. The result is a solid hardwood dummy body. They are not hollow. The arms and leg are laminated as well, with three boards.

I choose the process of laminating hard maple for the same reason that the makers of fine furniture, cutting boards, bowling pins, musical instruments, architecture, bridges, flooring, and many others, use this same process and wood… long lasting durability, toughness, and strength. Hard maple is beautiful as well as durable, and laminating as opposed to shaping a single piece of wood, ensures that the finished product will be of the highest quality.  A work of art that you can proudly pass down from generation to generation!

The entire dummy is finished with a linseed and tung oil blend. The oil penetrates into the wood to provide a durable surface. Much stronger and longer lasting than a surface treatment such as varnish or urethane which can crack and peal off over time. Finally, the wood is hand buffed with a wood finishing paste wax for even more protection. The finished piece is quite beautiful and very smooth to the touch.  Like any fine piece of wood furniture, wooden dummies should be kept indoors.

Additional Information

Current turnaround time estimates

All products are hand crafted by me personally in the order in which they are received. Due to the current high volume of orders, the estimated time of completion for training weapon orders is as follows:

1 item ordered = about 12 weeks.
2 items ordered = about 13 to 14 weeks.
3 to 4 items ordered = about 14 to 15 weeks.
More than 4 items ordered, please contact me for a time estimate.

International order instructions

Customers who are located outside of the continental USA, please do not place an order directly on this website.
The PayPal program on this site does not take into account the additional shipping charges for orders to be
shipped outside the United States. There are also shipping length restrictions to some countries, therefore
international customers must contact me before ordering (carinac@little-raven.com) to discuss your order and the
accurate shipping charge. Please supply your shipping address including postal code so that the shipping charge
can be calculated accurately. I will give you a quote for the total order price and when the order is
finalized, I’ll email you a custom bill through PayPal. You can then follow the PayPal instructions for online
credit card payment at your convenience. Thank you!