Swords and Training Weaponry

Raven Studios hardwood training swords (wasters, bokken) and other weaponry are designed to combine maximum durability and proper balance for years of rigorous training. All sword blades are made from carefully selected hickory lumber which is extremely tough and resilient with outstanding impact strength. Suitable for partner training as well as for forms (kata), solo technique practice, and controlled pell (dummy) practice.

Wooden practice weapons have been used in the training halls of Eastern and Western martial artists for centuries. While training with a finely crafted wooden sword, with proper instruction, the student of the sword can develop their skills and improve control, timing, structure, positioning, and many other principals of swordsmanship.

Custom Work

Raven Studios gives you the freedom to design your own training weapon, or you can modify one of my products to fit your needs. If you have a special sword or practice weapon that you would like replicated, send me the design specifications (a photo and/or drawing is suggested) and I'll let you know if it's something I can make for you. Contact carinac@little-raven.com for a quote.

(No fantasy or cartoon sword requests please. RS wasters are not toys, they are designed for serious martial arts training)

Wooden Dummies

Raven Studios Mok Yan Jong are engineered to last. Each jong is individually fashioned from carefully selected hard maple lumber. Hard maple is an extremely durable wood with very tight grain structure. Fabricating the dummies with laminate construction techniques results in maximum durability, reducing the risk of cracking or splitting, for a jong that is solid, rugged, and could be proudly passed down from generation to generation.

Customers are placed on a waiting list for wooden dummies. At this time I am able to make 6 to 7 dummies per year. There are usually anywhere from 3 to as many as 15 people on the waiting list. To inquire about placing a wooden dummy order, or to ensure a place on the waiting list, please contact me by email or phone. For more info please see the Mok Yan Jong page.

A less expensive alternative is the PVC dummy body with wooden arms and leg. This jong is also very rugged, durable, great for outdoor use and is easy to transport. There is no waiting list for the PVC jong, like there is for the wooden dummy and the turn around time is normally about 12 weeks.

My Goal

Being a martial artist myself, my goal is to create a practice weapon or jong that will both accompany you during endless hours of martial arts training and be your cherished companion for many years to come!

Many thanks to all of my customers for your continued support. Train well!

Carina Cirrincione
Raven Studios