Eastern Training Weapons
Jian - 8 Items Sabers (Dao) - 12 Items Butterfly Swords - 4 Items Polearms - 5 Items
11 Items
5 Items
Wooden Dummy (Mook Yan Jong)
5 Items
Western Training Weapons
15 Items
Gallery of custom projects
Twin Hook Swords - Chinese
Gunstock War Club - American Indian
Custom Bot Jaam Dao
Cheng Man Ching Gim
Khanda - India
Kukri - Nepal
Khopesh - Egyptian
Shamshir - Persian
Claymore - Scottish
Double Mace - Chinese
Maquahuitl - Aztec
Custom Guandao - Chinese
Custom Barong - Filipino
Spadone - Italian
Vansickle Jian
Custom Naginata - Japan
Mokgum - Korean
Jambiya Dagger - Yemen
Zwiehander - German
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Raven Studios gives you the freedom to design your own custom wooden training weapon (waster, bokken), based on historical designs, or you can modify one of my standard products to fit your needs. If you have a special sword or practice weapon that you would like replicated, send me the design specifications (a photo and/or drawing with measurements is required) and I'll let you know if it's something I can make for you. Contact me at for a quote.

(No fantasy, anime, or cartoon sword requests. RS practice weapons are not toys, they are designed for serious martial arts training)