Many kind people have taken the time to write and share their thoughts about Raven Studios training equipment. With their permission, I am happy to share some those comments with you here.

Questions, constructive criticism and suggestions are not only welcome, but are vital to the ongoing refinement of Raven Studios. Thank you for your input!

Michael DeMarco, Publisher - Journal of Asian Martial Arts
” My sword from Raven Studios offers a practical feel and aesthetic beauty I couldn’t find elsewhere. It makes practice a joy and, when not in hand, is displayed as a work of art.”
Dr. Alan A.D. Peatfield - Dublin Ireland
” Having now had some time to play with the Two-Handed Dadao, it is a delight to play with. It is nicely balanced and moves really well with the Bagua moves I have been practicing. It has also stood up well to being bashed about in applications. I would recommend your products to everyone. All the best,”
Joel Thompson - ARMA, Virginia Beach (Association for Renaissance Martial Arts)
” I took my new waster out to training today and really put it through the old grinder. It came through just fine. Just like the others we have. At ARMA Virginia Beach, we are kind of known for hitting hard and we don’t baby our equipment. If it breaks, it breaks. There are certain sword techniques that are very tough on wasters, parries with counters that really make serious contact. We did all that stuff today. My waster has the usual expected small dents a long the edge and that’s all. Not that I was worried. I was pretty confident based on the other Raven equipment we have. Thanks again. We will continue to sing your praises.”
Stanwood Chang
“Yesterday my rheumatoid arthritis-afflicted girlfriend and I finally opened the box containing the reduced-weight jian we discussed (I had been saving it as a Chinese New Year’s present for her). I have to tell you, the sword turned out BEAUTIFUL. Thanks so much for all your custom suggestions, accommodations and craftsmanship! The sword turned out to be just about as light as her collapsible tai chi sword (the regular commercial kind you see everywhere) but it actually feels even lighter because the POB is so much closer to the hilt. She absolutely loves it, and her hands and wrists are grateful to you, too. Awesome, awesome, wonderful sword. Thanks again, and Happy New Year!”
James Leporati - Patience Tai Chi Association, Brooklyn, New York
“I received my custom Cheng Man Ching style gim today and I must say the work is excellent! It’s a beautiful replica of the type of swords used for dueling at Professor’s Shr Jung School, only much heavier and far better constructed. It is sure to become a standard for this type of practice and I will be recommending Raven Studios to anyone who I may encounter that is looking for a serious training weapon. All the Best,”
Hugh B. Long
“Just wanted to let you know how much we love your wasters! I recently ordered a great sword and an arming sword. I own a sword store and sell live blades, and have used wasters for quite a while. Although due to their customized nature I don’t re-sell Raven Wasters (wish I could!) I was referred to Raven by friends at ARMA who use these wasters to the max! I have no reservation in saying these are the very best wasters on the market in terms of quality, robustness, and fidelity to live weapon handling characteristics. Thanks for your outstanding craftsmanship!”