Dummy Arms - Centered Shaft & Offset Shaft
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Dummy Arm


Dummy Arm – Laminated Hard Maple – Extremely durable – Finished with a linseed based oil – Available with shafts that are centered or offset.  Please note – If you purchase upper arm shafts which are centered, when placed in the dummy body the left arm will be higher than the right when facing the dummy. If the upper arm shafts are offset, they can be placed in the dummy so that both arms are at the same height.

When ordering arms for your jong, please send me an email and provide the diameter of your dummy body so that I can properly locate the hole for the holding pin at the rear of the arm shaft.

(Custom dummy arms are made by request.  Contact me to discuss your project dimensions.  Additional prices may apply.)



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Current turnaround time estimates

All products are hand crafted by me personally in the order in which they are received. Due to the current high volume of orders, the estimated time of completion for training weapon orders is as follows:

1 item ordered = about 12 weeks.
2 items ordered = about 13 to 14 weeks.
3 to 4 items ordered = about 14 to 15 weeks.
More than 4 items ordered, please contact me for a time estimate.

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