Bot Jaam Do

BOT JAAM DO (Eight Slash Swords – Also called Butterfly swords or knives and known by many spellings… Bart Jarm Do, Baat Cham Dao, Bot Jam Dao, and Bot Jarm Dao, among others) 

Hardwood Bot Jaam Do are primarily used in the Wing Chun Gung Fu system, but other Chinese martial arts styles use them as well. Raven Studios training butterfly swords are designed to withstand the rigors of partner training and are also well suited for forms and solo technique practice. I feel it is important that wooden practice Bot Jaam Do mimic steel BJD’s performance and feel as closely as possible, therefore these hardwood BJD are constructed with the following qualities:

  • Patterned after traditional Bot Jaam Do.
  • Made from Hickory.
  • The Blades are 1/2 inch thick and the edges are rounded for durability.
  • The 3/8″ solid steel guards are riveted and pinned in place.
  • You can choose either a pointed or a rounded blade tip.  Blades made with a pointed tip are suitable for forms and solo technique training. Blades made with a rounded tip are more robust and provide added safety for partner training. (Wearing eye protection is ALWAYS recommended during partner training)
  • Finished with a linseed and tung oil blend which penetrates into the wood to create a tough and durable surface.

Custom Training Swords
If you would like one of the standard swords (seen below) with your own special specifications, or you’d like a type of sword not found 0n this website, supply a written description with a photo or drawing and I’ll let you know if it’s something I can make for you.  Please contact me at for a price quote and timeline.  (No fantasy or cartoon sword requests please. R.S. wasters are not toys, they are designed for serious martial arts training.)

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